Whispers from the Past

When I look at my social media memories sometimes, it’s sends messages to my future Self. Sometimes I surprise myself with what I’ve written and respect my insight during that time in my life. Sometimes it carries a message to me that I may need to hear in the present Now.

I hear so many people talk about not living in the past. I question, however, if one lives in the present, aren’t we living in the past? We are the sum of our experiences and lessons. We can believe we are living in the present but unless you are fully aware of who you are, why you behave, believe, speak, think, and make the choices you make, then you are simply reliving your past; living in or from the past. Look back on your past. Recognize the life you’ve lived to become who you are today. When you make a conscious choice to change or keep any part of who you are from that point forward, you will become aware of every moment of your present. Living in the present isn’t simply existing Now. I’m all for hitting pause on the present to look back to become aware and prepare for my future. Blessings always, Victoria

Originally Posted 07/30/2022

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