From My Garden to Yours

I am so beautiful but I did not get here on my own. I needed your light to shine brightly upon me. I needed you to remove the weeds around me when they became invasive, spreading into my space, and threatening the delicate balance of my ecosystem. You prevented them from… Crowding out my sacred space…. My safe space…. My place of refuge where I rest, grow and continue to develop. A place I go to stretch and develop into this beautiful potential that I carry. When it poured, I needed you to support my body when it became drenched, weathered, weak, and bent. Your support kept me upright and prevented the withering and dimming of my inner light and life. I don’t shine alone. My garden adds to the beauty. The energy and love of all that surrounds me feed me, guides me, and lifts me up to bask in your light.

Before you pluck the beauty to enjoy it in your hands and space, allow me to bask in my light. Pause time to enjoy every part of me that worked and created the beauty you see. Marvel… Cherish…

Appreciate đź’—

Allow true love to grow within you and show you that you do not need to pluck the beauty and rob it of further growth. You can see, smell, touch, taste, and hold the full body of gifts available through that love and appreciation.

Leave desire at the door… Walk the path in my garden… Pick a spot and sit awhile.

Add to the energy and grow with it. Then, if you wish, become a part of it, feed it, and be fed here.

Shall we plant you here? Shall we nurture your potential?

Love Lives Here

Originally Posted 08/04/2022

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