Love As Art

Love, as humans know it, can only be experienced in human form for it is part of the human emotional system. Love is complex in its form. Knowledge is acquired from the love experienced and goals, or work completed, through use of that love.

For example: If the ego is to work on jealousy, grief, loss, or any other type of work, Love needs to exist. Without love there’s minimal work in the fields listed. Parents may struggle at times to see their children with their chosen partner, maybe not understanding what they could see in the chosen, but they too are accomplishing work through love used to bring the two souls together for the aligned tasks. Parents, with the desire not to see their children suffering in some way, will attempt to step in to help as they perceive it. This is why a child will do one of many things and two will be provided here.

A child may choose to shut out their parent(s) because whether they know it or not, they will have some part of them triggered or initiated to block that help so work can be done. This life is strongly dedicated to getting the goals at hand accomplished and their action, or choices, can also have additional effects on others involved in their life circle. It may trigger something in them to work on which had been decided for them. That love connection can have many purposes and help many to complete their work.

This ripple effect is a good way to show how the collective process can also continue to evolve, because it’s an example of how each ripple spreads from one individual to another to continue that ripple effect. Perhaps someone has a friend, or group of friends, who support them during their process, which in turn helps them to grow and evolve in their opinions and belief systems. I’m sure many are aware of professions chosen and how those roles are preplanned. The helpers, the healers, the record keepers, and so on. Ripples will extend to them who in turn could be triggered etc. and so on but I am going too deep on one example for now so let’s return to address the second.

Another option would be to become completely dependent upon the parent or whomever is stepping into that role. This individual will have completely different experiences and work will be accomplished by making this choice. As you know, there are always choices and work WILL be done regardless of the path chosen. As previously mentioned, the parent or other will also make that choice and do work from this relationship…and so, another ripple begins…Maybe another option could be how to balance love and choices. Oh I could really go down another long winded path here. Needless to say, no matter what, maybe some of these examples will show how the human emotional system is intended to trigger the work to be done.

Another use of love is partnerships, lovers, or however you choose to label it. There can be work completed on a very passionate level with these types of experiences, such as jealousy. Jealousy may certainly involve working out Karmic goals. Grief and loss can be felt in equal proportion to the human experience of the depth of love or how they experience it. Love can be quite blissful or painful from the the experiences and perception of one to another. Jealousy could be felt between friends, parents, partners, siblings, or anything else and work may be needed between all forms of jealousy. It does not matter the reason for the love and who or what is involved, it simply is the catalyst to get work in motion.

There can be different guides working with you for each emotion or type of work to be done. You are never doing it alone. You believe sometimes that you are alone in this and you are not alone! We are here. Believe it or not, we are learning and recording and growing by watching and/or helping you, the process, and the collective. Julie

The collective-It may be thought by some that the term collective entails all of you walking on the Earth, when it is so much larger than this! Such as, but not limited to humans, life in all forms on the planet, the planets, the universe, cosmos and so forth. I am laughing-or joyful of your universe Victoria. You’re getting it. Yes-smile and keep smiling and keep returning to hear more!

In closing today, I would like to say one other thing about love. The aspect of love itself also grows and evolves-obviously as with other things. Yes-the high form of love that you feel-so expansive, unassigned to anyone and unintended for anything. It’s so-I’m failing to find words to describe how it feels but you recognize it. It’s beyond love of another or any other thing. It’s a state of BEing. Yes, I can see you becoming overwhelmingly emotional right now. It’s because it’s acknowledged. You’ve known this state of being for a very long time, but you’ve struggled to explain it or help others understand it and at times, it becomes so muddled with your ability to love unconditionally, which also extends to your family and the life partner you chose. It’s your work here too-how to love and manage all those human emotions you feel so deeply, especially love. Keep up the good work-I-We-All love you and All. That’s the state of LOVE BEing that you know-we Are.

Be blessed and remember to keep Loving

Remember too, love will not be seen as you expect, so accept it as it’s given because it’s given as others see and express their idea of love. Remember it’s all subjective and objective

Originally Posted 07/21/2022

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