It can be easy to shine brightly as the sun. It’s already illuminated and gives a sense of happiness, warmth, and life. The difficult part is illuminating your shadows and shining a light where you’re unaware of hidden secrets

Today I learned an aspect of abandonment. I have a mirror and it took me a long time to see how he was triggering a major aspect in my life. I meditated tonight and learned the reason I love to hug people. I have a need for others to feel loved and to express love. I realized it comes from childhood when I didn’t receive what I perceived as love.

Abandonment isn’t just about someone disappearing from your life. In my life, abandonment was the lack of love from one parent or both. I wasn’t nurtured where needed and that craving created the sense of abandonment. As an adult, it’s always been important for me to show love by hugging and holding. It’s what I didn’t receive much of as a child. I then realized that my purpose was not only to share love with everyone but to find some way to receive the love I never received.

For me, abandonment isn’t just about having people leave me. It’s about them removing their presence, the inability to express and receive love, and again being left alone without it. I see a form of abandonment in his mirror and I hope he looks deep to see the aspects of himself.

I got in touch with my inner child tonight and lit a space that had been dark for a long time. I will keep shining the light to find the rest of what’s hidden. Are you looking?

Spirit channels in many ways. You just need to listen. There was no wrong or right in my life, it was just a lesson to learn. When you understand that, understand their need for trial and error or mistakes to learn their lessons, then forgiveness is easier and comes more naturally.

Blessings, Victoria

Originally Posted 08/02/2022

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