Holy Ground-Holy Water

We walk on Holy ground when another soul opens their heart, body, and soul to us. How we choose to show up shows our love, intention, and respect for their opening that door to let us into that private sanctuary. It’s a Holy sacred space and we can share that space with them and help it grow by planting love, peace, and understanding. You can both grow in that love.

Their inner Sanctuary isn’t always peaceful and happy rainbows but they let you in because they trusted you. They want to continue to trust you so that when they walk into the shadows, you will be there to walk with them. No judgments, no drama, and certainly not your adding to their current state of fear, grief, loss, anger, sadness, or anything else they are currently going through. Don’t violate their trust in you. Don’t make them question if they can keep you in that space. If they let you in, they counted on you to be there for all of what and who they are and have to offer. Know that not everything is about you.

Those happy rainbows you will get to enjoy came from the tears. Water is meant to cleanse the soul. Allow water to wash over you to wash away the old and no longer needed parts of you. Drink water to cleanse not only toxins but energy trapped from what’s held in and not expressed or released. When you cry, let the tears run over your heart. Allow them to cleanse the throat and heart of accumulated pain from what’s been expressed, unexpressed and unreciprocated love.

Allow your tears to fall and gather in the palms of your hands. May they be infused with the healing energy, touch, and love you carry. Transmute them to their purest form to offer up to the universe or another who may be in need of your Holy tears.



Know you’re loved and allow yourself to heal and accept healing when offered. Don’t be afraid to ask for healing.

Offer those tears up and

Let Go

Let God

Originally Posted 08/29/2022

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