I Am Many I Am One


Tonight, I reached out to converse. For me, human language always falls short. I start in my head, and while I heard a response, what draws me more is my ability to sense his energy and the love that flows from it. I’m drawn to his hands and healing most, which brings images of his healing of the sick. Once there, I’m drawn to sensing the love that flows. I can’t express enough how much I love remaining still in this moment, and a sense of peace washes over me. I don’t know which is more beautiful or blissful, the feeling of the love or the peace. Almost in the same frequency of that love, I hear acceptance. I understand that I am feeling a “two way street” so to speak. The love flows and as you give into acceptance of that love, you also feel the acceptance, not just acceptance of his love into you but your acceptance of the love, of him, and the realization that you’re accepted. That acceptance is a knowing that you are good enough and you are loved.

You are good enough, you are loved, and that’s all that’s needed to be known.

Unconditional Love

Sending peace to all from both of us 💗

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