Create and Share the Path of Self Enlightenment

I realized today that I may have created this site to provide messages that may have come through dreams or any other format. My intent, however, may be different than the intent of my soul, universe, God, or whatever label or belief system you practice. I can tell you that whatever the intent, the message I got was strong and clear, Create and Share. This much I knew to be true and still do to the depths of my core BEing.

Based on what’s been happening lately, it appears that what I’ve received is more about revealing my self-discovery. I kept waiting but after my last post, and my next three, I realize that it may be more about sharing this process than the other. Right now I just heard spoon-feed. I get that and understand now. It’s better to show work in progress and the process than to feed all the information.

It’s about self-enlightenment and not about having the script. Write your own work because it’s your own journey. Everyone’s plan and the path/work to get there are different. Sharing mine, may guide or help to provide a trigger for your work. Everyone will see things and experience things differently. There’s no right or wrong way because it’s not about how others view or do their work. Don’t judge it, just identify and do the work. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. There will be times you question why you started this, I know I have, but this is where you can question if you’re happy with where you’ve been in life and if you’d be happy to continue in this way. Life will happen and your work will happen whether you choose to consciously do it or not but, the way you walk it can be your choice. When it’s consciously your choice, you’re more likely to remember the lessons and learn from them, respond better when the next situation arises to test you, and you may be happier with your response and path forward. This is how you write your future.

I wish you blessings and light along your path

Originally Posted 08/27/2022

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