About My Posts

I’ve been trying to decide if I should edit the information I receive before posting. I look at the final product after I’m done and think about the changes needed for punctuation, flow, etc., then another part of me consistently comes back to the fact that the information may be meant to be left as is, to get the message across as indicated. Interestingly, I am urged at times to use caps or certain punctuation while write down the information. I’ve decided that maybe a little of both will be appropriate and if changes are indicated, I will be prompted to make the changes.

Take what is said, how it’s stated.

Leave your judgments as you read and if you find you are judging, ask yourself, why? Look within to see what you are judging about yourself. May what is written and how it’s written be all that’s needed or walk away for maybe it’s not meant for you today.

Be blessed and give yourself and others grace today as we are all doing the best we can on any given day.

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