Butterfly In The Sky

 This weekend, my husband pointed out a butterfly shaped cloud to me while we were at a retreat at the Amethyst retreat center enjoying the many gifts that we and others have to offer. As you know, the butterfly can symbolize metamorphosis. I’ve been sharing my growth and metamorphosis here lately. 

 It occurred to me that what I’ve posted lately may seem to be placing blame on others, my parents for example,  for who I am. While that may have been true in the past, I find myself feeling more and more gratitude for what they’ve taught me. 

 Recently while receiving Reiki, I heard she had a job to do, she played her part and did it well. She did a great job accomplishing her role and also working on her soul’s plan. You were given exactly what and who you needed to start your life and experience here. Be grateful and remember to give grace to others as they work their way through life. They are also learning and growing. I know you’ve been told this before. 

 Extend this same consideration to her. 

 As soon as I heard this I began to cry. I could feel anger and resentment rising from me as her essence stood before me. I felt healing between us and hopefully healing for that Karmic debt or bond. I’ve carried that energy on me for a long time and once I felt it lift, I also realized just how much it had been weighing me down in life. I felt a sense of completion with her. 

 I then asked, but what about him? What do you have to share about what remains between us? I heard, your truth to him. You may never have held anger or resentment towards him; you may have nothing left to do but he does. I was surprised by this because I didn’t know what he would have left to do for completion between us. In his way and through different broken periods of time, he apologized and took responsibility. There was also some part of me, a knowing, that it was not all necessarily my lesson or about me, but his. I took what lessons I needed, learned from it, and moved on but he didn’t. 

 If you’re reading this dad, all you have to do is to forgive yourself.  Let it go.  You did well too.  You’ve carried it long enough, like that parachute from Nam you told me about. Put it down. Give yourself grace and let your weight be lifted too. 

I love you


Originally Posted 09/05/2022

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