You don’t find your way out of the void…

Good afternoon,

I want to dedicate this post to all those who’ve helped me reach where I’m at spiritually. You know who you are if you’ve affected my life deeply. I also want to thank Sierra McColloch who has especially guided me through major dark night of the soul work in the past couple of years with therapy and Reiki and I do not know what I would have done without her.    I also want to thank Nicole Sharkey who has helped work the energies through and out of my body with her massage techniques. I recently went through something traumatic which again sent me into a dark night of the soul walk. I’m not sure where I’m at with it yet but if you’ve been there, you understand that and as I’m coming out of it or through it, I received this today. I posted a portion on social media thinking I was done until more started to come and I needed to run for my journal. Afterwards, I knew I needed to put it here.

Your life starts now. Your life starts every moment Now, then Now again. Find your inner peace because it’s there. Find yourself while you’re alone, preferably, because then you find your true self without muddling it up with the attachments, expectations and images you will assign to yourself from others and their need to mold you to their desires. No One person or thing can make you happy and feel worthy, for that is illusionary and will be gone when they are no longer able to feed you. No One can give you self-worth. Relying on someone else to make you feel or BE happy, satisfied, and/or valued=loneliness inside yourself when you are alone and questioning yourself and everything.

People can spend a millennia chasing happiness while feeling empty. Lifetime after lifetime searching and repeating old patterns until it’s realized or they become so empty and tired or drained that they have no choice but to lay in themselves and and feel. And, what do you feel?? Are you even capable of recognizing what you are feeling? It can take a very long time to recognize or identify what is going on within the Self. This is also called the dark night of the soul for many. It can be raw because thought has no way to protect you from or process the place you are in, The Void. It can be recognized for some as helplessness to not know which way to turn or how to make it back out of this space. In fact, it’s the perfect space to be in to CREATE who you are and what you want to be. The human, however, is truly challenged at this point because the pain is deep and the truest pain a human can feel. This can in fact also be a dangerous time because the human must choose to remain, get through it, find the light and follow it while discovering who they truly are and grow.

You don’t find your way out of a void-You GROW your way out!

This is in fact is why people rely so heavily on others for happiness and life because the void is the most frightening place to be and they don’t want to peek into it, much less go into it, experience it, and grow. What will growth look like? It is also Fear that’s considered and gets in the way as ALL circle that void. On some level, they know it’s there. They can feel its presence. It’s there and it’s easier to avoid and deny it than to face it because it may change everything and everyone in their world as they know it. What they know, created, and relied upon; it could all change and disappear.

I’m here to tell you that it cannot be avoided.

Welcome to your new life and purpose.

Be Blessed and have a Wonder Filled Day!


Originally posted 07/10/2022

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