Age of Aquarius

I was listening to an astrologer, Molly McCord, who recently added a video on the age of Aquarius. I’m not going to recap it because you can listen to part one and part 2 to catch the idea of how this all came together. Molly talks about working multidimensionally, stepping into timelessness, and tapping into ability to feel it and be aware of past, present and future timelines/lives. I was also talking to someone a few days later about a child who was transgender. I can’t even remember the rest of the conversation because all at once I was being hit with information and needed to leave the group so I could grab something to document it all. 

 I hope it all makes sense and flows as it was coming so quickly that I was scribbling to catch it all. When this happens, sometimes I can’t read my own writing. 

 During the transition to the Age of Aquarius, the collective will initially not be aware of their connection to, or their ability to access multidimensional information (past-present-future), although some have already been aware of this ability. Sexual identity has been an emerging area for society. Keep in mind that when in spirit, we are not identified as being male or female, this is a concept of the human form. More and more individuals are unconsciously sensing their past lives, their gender from past and future timelines, and  identifying strongly with that gender and the need to match that energy. They’re trying to figure it all out while in the present human form, but also intuitively connected to past and future. This brings confusion to many and part of the work right now, is to work through how the collective is going to process and work through filtering and managing the ability to intuit all dimensions, yet be who they are intend to be in their current incarnation. This will be the process for a while and many will be making adjustments to their human forms to identify with past or present genders because of karmic connection to their sexual identity from those lifetimes. When society, the collective, has the ability to connect with all dimensions without attaching to one or the other, this struggle will end. It will be more like going to a library and reading past or future without being connected and identifying so strongly with it. It’s the process which will prepare everyone to be able to step into the next phase of the human form so the mind can integrate the ability to perceive all at once, then the mind and body will integrate information and no longer attach to one or the other dimension. 

The human will then be able to live the current life as intended without interruption of information from other dimensions. The information will then be used as  reference for gifts and information to enhance current incarnations. Humans are now moving into that sense of confusion. Not yet aware or able to perceive other dimensions, only sensing information and feeling the need to identify or attach to it. It will be many many earth years, time, until this process is complete. During this time, research will perfect the ability to alter the body both chemically and physically. Society will process through acceptance and understanding of the choices. Laws will be created and this will be a period of mental attachment to what should be, could be and what is becoming. The battle to release this attached thought process will work out publicly. 

 Thank you


Originally posted 09/29/2022

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