Revolving Finalities

All Life Transforms

Is it sadness?

The bittersweet taste?


Have my lenses been refocused to reveal beyond a mirror, awareness of humanity and all I’ve recognized as life? Although aware of her beauty, my eyes have been adjusted to this new vision of her as a life that will also transform. I can see beyond her to all that is both known and unknown. In retrospect, I see infancy, adolescence and her explosive flourishing teen years. There is so much beauty and awe in her history of defining her existence, her becoming and bringing forth so much life. Is she still developing?

New Beauty?

New Life?


Has she reached her prime arriving on that hill we’ve all summited? Has she or is she now stepping onto the down side of life? Has she already been there and I’ve only just opened my eyes and have missed it? I see her behavior and wonder if it’s new life or if it’s a sign of the aging process. Did I only gain vision to see all her beauty to also enter that stage of reminiscence of what she was like during the peak of her creation? I foresee the dry barren wasteland before us with the last few remnants of life fighting for survival. While some of the slower changes have already been noticed, all life transforms differently. Is it possible she will not retire or fade passing gently but do so as violently as she came and leave behind her particles, becoming a fleck of history.

Not remembered

For me this begs the question of how many times this cycle has been created and run its time into passing beyond memory or knowledge. Does anyone feel a seed of knowing? Enjoy her for one day she will be gone and forgotten.

#Earth Blessings


Originally posted 10/04/2022

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