It’s a funny thing this veil we seek to get past. We talk about the veil between life and the other side, other dimension or whatever you believe it to be. Everyone is always focused on that veil and seeing through to the beyond; so curious about who we are and what’s out there, as if our souls don’t already know. We focus outside ourselves as we always do to seek answers such as why we are here, and to find happiness or something better than who we are and what we have. We focus so hard on peeking behind that illusive veil. 

What if that veil was not outside ourselves, beyond us and of reach. Consider the possibility that it exists within you. The veil is made to sound like a separation between us and the other side when actually there is no separation but more like loss of memory. 

We’ve heard tales of near death experiences and not wanting to come back but they did so anyway because of unfinished business. Separating themselves from the human body enabled them to remember and see beyond themselves. Some remember the experience upon return because now their internal veil was lifted and they could see beyond the human intellect and limitations we place on ourselves. 

We come here for a purpose and whether we consciously know it or not, we work towards accomplishing that work. Options are always presented and help given whether we belive it or see it. We can make choices and take as many different routes to get there but ultimately it’s addressing the work we chose to come here to experience and complete. 

I’m getting the metaphor of a bride and groom. The bride wearing a veil and while you both believe you know each other. Once married and starting a life together, that’s when that symbolic veil from the wedding begins to lift. You begin to truly see the other person and yourself as time goes by through different things that may test you. Marriage, like life, is not easy. It takes commitment and if you choose to walk away mutually or otherwise because you just don’t feel like doing the work or because you don’t like what you’re seeing, chances are you came together to be a mirror to one another for those triggers and internal work. Look at those things that frustrate you or anger you and ask yourself why. It may not be that you share a trait in the way someone else does, but maybe something within you is related to what’s upsetting you. For example, if you can’t stand that your spouse is dishonest, ask yourself where you are most dishonest in life. It doesn’t need to be dishonesty with others, it could be dishonesty with yourself. What are you lying to yourself about? This is just an example for you to mull over. When you’re so angry or believe you hate each other, ask yourself why you’re so angry at yourself? Why do you believe you hate yourself? Like it or not, if you leave, you will attract the same type of individual and or relationship because it’s about doing the work you’re faced with in life/ marriage. Some may say, well we ask advice or go to marriage counseling as an example of seeking answers outside that veil of marriage. To this I counter, advice doesn’t always fix it, change it and if it does, it’s temporary. That’s because the issue isn’t addressed, but maybe just a sacrifice for the other to make them happy and over time that sacrifice builds as anger or resentment. Marriage counseling isn’t about fixing the other person so that you can have what you want and how you want it. It’s about communicating those triggers. Well why did that matter? Seriously? That’s so trivial! What’s trivial to one person may be extremely important to the other. Remember, it isn’t about how you view it it’s experience what the other it l is triggered over. It’s simply to talk and accept that person for who they are and support them, if you’re willing, in finding out why that issue is a trigger. It’s about you and the why and how you respond to the other that you look at and figuring those things out together will help to understand and grow together. You don’t have to like everything about someone. Don’t expect others to change to be what you want. It’s about self-discovery and the inner workings between the couple for the marriage. Yes, I know, it’s deep. But there it is, there you go. (I’m laughing because I feel like whoever downloaded that information to me is laughing at that in your face comment 🤣🤣)

Let’s get back on track here. For those who feel, think, know, or sense there’s something more, we seek more than our mundane daily human existence and plan. I’m hearing that for those that do not sense or seek something more, this was a decision made before coming here so as to not get distracted in our work. Once we start the search, it can look many different ways depending upon the drive to find it. This may be where some first hear of this veil and fixate on getting through it to be answered by someone on the other side.

I hear that the veil is actually within us. By turning inward for our search, we shine a light and that’s when it’s time to roll up your sleeves and do the hard work. This is where our idea of separation emminats from because we can’t see beyond ourselves to know that it is just an illusion. Turning inward and discovering who we really are and finding the hidden parts of ourselves that we never knew is the shadow work. Walking through the thickest, darkest, and hardest part of that search in the beginning is the hardest part because we also still believe we are separated from God or whatever your belief system may be. The more we work and discover our true self, the lighter that shadow becomes. The density of it begins to thin like whittling down a piece of dense hardwood.  

I’m hearing… Dark night of the soul. Darkest before the light. This is a true test of how much you really want to know about who you are and why you are here. Are you motivated enough? It can feel as if you’re alone because of that belief of separateness. It feels as if your whole world is changing around you and of course it is because you are changing inside. Your world outside will change because you’re becoming. It’s metamorphosis. It’s where the work is the hardest because you’re closer to the ego than spirit due to the external attachments of your world, how you’ve built it and what you believe to be true about yourself. Once you go inward and begin to discover who you really are and if you choose to continue to work on it, work towards being and accepting all parts of yourself, willing to do the work and be persistent, then over a period of time you will notice that sense of feeling connected to something or someone and it will seem as if answers and choices are right there in front of you where they may not have been noticed before. You are beginning to see the light, to see the clues, help, or answers you’ve been seeking but you were existing too densly in the ego to detect. You’re veil is growing thinner, your connection stronger, and your knowledge and beliefs grow. It will not be easy to lose what you love or want. I’m not going to lie here because it downright sucks, believe me I’ve gone through it and it’s still going on but you can get through it.

The veil isn’t one giant mysterious veil shadowing us from afterlife. It’s the veil we cloak ourselves in when we come here and get so knee deep in our programming, ego, and what we believe to be life. 

I know it’s been an extremely long time since I’ve been here or shared with you but as I’ve said, I too am doing my work and sometimes that takes time and attention. I’ve only just begun to get through everything going on in my life lately where time has allowed me to stop and listen once again for my answers and what to share here. I’ve had some very illuminating dreams and meditations and still need to gather them from the bits and pieces of different journals and memories. I received my Reiki Master attunement on 10/22/22 which was right before Scorpio season hit. For those who don’t know, there is a period of time where your energy adjusts, things start to happen both in your life and spiritually and basically there’s a period of about 22-30 days of strapping on for the ride. It doesn’t just end at 22 days saying, ok time is up, no more changes, but it’s the most intense time. It’s different for everyone so what may develop for me will be completely different for the next person. We all carry different gifts, roles, knowledge and plans. This scorpio season we experienced a solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, and multiple planetary transits. This has hit my natal chart pretty hard. The lunar eclipse itself at 16°sat right on my natal lunar placement at 13° It’s been a rough scorpio season but I no longer run or fight. I’ve reached a point where I say bring it on, despite how difficult it may be, because I’m feeling a sense of needing to get this done as soon as possible and I don’t want to have to repeat anything just because I didn’t want to face it or deal with it in this lifetime.

God bless my family for experiencing me go through everything because it is just as much of an experience for them living through their own scorpio season and personal journies. Sending divine blessings to all who remain on the ride with me despite the urge they must have felt to jump off as soon as possible because they didn’t want to be on it any longer. Whether they see it or believe it or not, they too are growing from this experience, and just as I’ve agreed to be here for them, they’ve remained at my side and been here for me. 

My spiritual family is growing as well which is very gratifying for me because while we may do our own work, it doesn’t mean it must be done alone without support. The more spiritually open-minded individuals you find, the more support you will have on your journey. Notice I said open-minded and not individuals who believe as you do or practice their beliefs and growth like you believe they should. Everyone will have a different viewpoint or belief, just as mine here, and it doesn’t make it wrong or right or better or worse. It  offers opportunity for your growth and support. Some of what one person tells you may feel right and some may seem to put you off. Accept what is true and feels right for you and respect their views and you can still be there for one another to support each other’s spiritual growth. 

Don’t give up. The drive and work is worth it and don’t be hard on yourself. Give yourself grace. I will admit, I fall, there are times where I’m like, enough is enough, cry, pity, anger, frustration etc. We are human. Allow yourself that time then as I say to myself, ok Victoria you’ve had your time and now it’s time to get back up and put on those big girl spiritual panties and get back to work.  Everyone moves through things differently and on a different timeline. You’re meant to be right where you are right now. You are meant to be right where you are tomorrow and at any moment in your life. You can feel free to email me if you wish. I don’t have your answers but I can support you in some way if I can.

As always

Sending you nothkng less than Divine Blessings 

Victoria Originally posted 11/21/2022

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