Sedona-My Greatest Shadow Guide

I was listening to a video by Molly Mccord, Sedna and Pluto 2023 & 2024 Humanity’s Evolutionary Journey. It threw me into immediate shadow processing, and my life flashed before my eyes. Molly McCord started the video by providing education about Sedna as a dwarf planet located beyond Pluto and currently located in Taurus since 1966. If anyone tells you the only thing that matters in astrology are signs, houses, and the nine planets, they obviously haven’t opened their minds beyond the basic information.
Ms. McCord shared that Sedna is the Goddess of the sea connected to the underworld of our emotions. Sedna, she educated, makes us dive into the depths of our hidden shadows to become aware of what we’ve been carrying and helps us with the healing process. She continued by discussing emotions associated with grief and loss, a major theme for me the past two years, so I immediately identified with it. What I wasn’t prepared for was the sudden enlightenment of how my childhood connected to who I am now and why I react so deeply to certain triggers in my life. She revealed the connection of Sedna in Taurus as associated with self-worth and where I diminished my self-worth. This revelation hit me as if the brightest spotlight on the planet suddenly flooded my vision, Self-Worth! I had to rewind the video several times because I had so much internal dialogue flooding in and emotions surfacing, that I couldn’t keep up with what she was saying. She continued with “abuse, betrayal, ostracization, rejection, and lack of acknowledgment. Each word grasped me by my throat, squeezing tighter with every word, then moved into my chest and rippled out through the rest of my body and beyond. Even now, as I attempt to write this with a flow, I feel scattered and as if I’m scrambling to find a way to share what she was discussing, simultaneously with my response to it all. She went on to clarify where the damage was located and how it affected the body, which completely described areas of pain in my body. The areas she listed in the sacral chakra are where we hold grief and trauma, and she also stated that one of Sedna’s archetypes was the father-figure and also connected to the masculine energies in each of us (competition, fighting to the bitter end etc.). I continued to crumble as she talked about how the excess of masculine energy could create a lot of emotional wounding for the female energy, causing discomfort and closing off of the heart chakra. As she was discussing everything, I was catapulted back to my childhood.
The grief and loss were closer to the surface and easier to identify due to the losses over the past two years, but now I was diving into the deep end. You know that feeling where you aren’t sure how deep the water goes? Yes, that’s where I was drowning in tears while the bigger picture of my life unfolded. I realized that my grief started in childhood, grieving for me and my sisters and for my inner child. I could hear “you weren’t good enough” and I heard myself thinking, “I wasn’t good enough, and that’s why I was hit so much.” I also felt anger rise and realized that I’ve had anger since childhood that has been suppressed until being triggered unexpectedly the past couple of years. I suddenly understood how all of my life experiences connected and accumulated to the unconscious creation of my sense of security in myself, or lack thereof, and my self-worth. The abuse, the teasing and bullying in school, and betrayal in the past couple of years all unconsciously created the many layers of what I know about myself and the parts I continue to discover.
The self-worth, doubt, and fear have also played out in my life spiritually. I already connected my fear of sharing my beliefs because as a child, I was told not to talk about the spiritual questions I had because it was devil talk. This resulted in my inability to form a spiritual community and family because I didn’t seek like-minded individuals for fear of judgment. As I have started to connect with people in the community and work on myself, I’m finding that I no longer fear talking about my spiritual beliefs. My confidence has grown as I learn that what I’ve been experiencing through the years was a variety of psychic abilities. There was a period of time I didn’t believe I had any gifts because I had no faith in myself or what I was getting due to my lack of self-worth. I’m empathic and intuitive, and other gifts I’ve experienced have been clairalience, clairgustance, clairsentience, and claircognizance, each either independently or in combination based on the situation and what’s coming through. These abilities are by no means perfected, and I keep practicing.
Molly McCord provided much more information about Sedna and Pluto, and you can hear all of it on YouTube if you’re interested. I shared how this dwarf planet located in Taurus has affected me personally and as a side note for anyone following astrology, my moon is in Taurus and I have other aspects in my natal chart which have been working with her since birth. She has followed me my entire life, and now that I understand her, I can see the major themes in my life while she visited Taurus. Sedna moves into an air sign in June and I will have a whole new path to review and evolve.

Blessings Always,

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